NFT and Defi collide to focus on the ecology of the divine world

3 min readJul 11, 2022


Cryptocurrencies are attracting increasing interest as blockchain technology continues to dominate the headlines. However, the average user doesn’t quite understand what cryptocurrency is, or what makes it important, let alone the technical principles that lie behind it. As a result, the public’s perception of blockchain applications is becoming increasingly narrow and short-sighted. Similarly, the potential and long-term impact of technology has always been unfathomable, and this is often greatly overlooked.

However, the advent of the Divine Realm Eco will bring blockchain technology closer to the average user in four ways.

1) Using blockchain’s unique application model to create a product with collectible value, faith-based concepts and gaming features.

2) A direct-to-user NFT value pass based on a sincere passion for blockchain technology.

3) An open platform for all types of users with varying levels of technical understanding.

4) A sustainable NFT model with expected returns.

As an application platform that integrates blockchain ecological applications such as Defi, NFT, gamefi, meta-universe and DEX, Divine Ecology is creating to an NFT application ecosystem that anyone can participate in through a circulative application chain based on blockchain digital assets based on the enormity of digital assets, data value, creating a revolution and pattern of digital assets in traditional culture. The Divine World Ecology aims to connect real-world physical assets through an open NFT ecosystem and derive a variety of applications and mining on the chain, allowing more people to share the DeFi development dividend, using the NFT token-UCN as a value link to realise the rights, value discovery and circulation of the Four Divine Beasts NFT collection, and through the DeFi protocol supported by multiple The NFT tokens and UCNs are used as a value link to authenticate, discover and circulate the Four Divine Beasts NFT collection, and allow users to obtain a high value return through a multiple revenue model supported by the DeFi protocol.

Godsworld Ecology creates a diversified NFT casting system by investing in the underlying public chain infrastructure. In this system, in addition to our own Four Divine Beasts NFT collection, more third parties such as users, artists, gamers and collectors can also create their own NFT high-value passes. In this system, we introduce two value control criteria, nodes and risk parameters, to ensure the smooth operation of the entire ecosystem and maximise the value of NFT-based pledges.

As the founders of Divine Ecology put it, “Our vision and mission is simple: to make DeFi and NFT accessible to everyone, so that a mainstream audience, once informed, is interested in the ‘superpowers’ that DeFi brings, rather than being deterred by its current complexity and lack of direct integration with fiat currencies. The “superpowers” that DeFi brings will be accessible to all, so that mainstream audiences will be interested in learning about it, rather than being put off by its current complexity and lack of direct integration with fiat.”

Divine Ecology has opened a direct train for you to experience the world of DeFi and NFT!




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