VDS returns to its glorious moment, and explains the core ecological model of “VDS2.0 — New-Dimension” in detail!

When it comes to VDS, the first thing that comes to your mind must be the anonymous email released on the deep web in 2019, and this anonymous email has naturally become an opportunity for the VDS ecosystem to appear in the public eye. As early as January 2019, some users of the deep web received an anonymous email, which announced that a plan called VDimension (Fifth Dimension) invited players from all over the world to participate. With the instructions provided by the players via email, they discovered the official website of VDS in the deep web step by step, and thus discovered the anonymous organization of the “Decentralized Finance Promotion Group”.

Later, as the advantages of VDS continued to emerge, its popularity and popularity began to gradually increase, and eventually it evolved into a well-known situation. Under the influence of its philosophy, VDS believers began to emerge from all over the world. In the eyes of these believers, VDS is a beautiful work of art in the world, it represents reconciliation and freedom, consensus and connection, and more importantly, humanity and hope. Whether poor or rich, regardless of race or color, wherever and whenever you are, regardless of doubt or belief, the doors of freedom at VDS are open to you. It can be said that in the blockchain era, 2019 is the first year of the VDS ecosystem.

Since 2019, VDS has created a brilliant situation with powerful underlying technology and decentralized thinking, but the lack of the “DAO” where consensus people gather and the market incentive mechanism has made the promotion situation of believers become Difficulty, which is one of the main reasons why VDS has gradually become silent in recent years.

Until August 2022, a smart contract called VDS2.0, New-Dimension, began to appear on the Bitcoin forum. Once its concept and ecological model appeared, it aroused heated discussion and admiration from many users, and the popularity was not lost at all. The VDS ecosystem.

It is understood that New-Dimension is a smart contract developed on the VDS public chain. Different from other smart contracts, New-Dimension realizes decentralization through open source on the basis of the underlying VDS, completes the self-construction of the DAO community, and finally realizes the framework of VDS2.0. That is to say, once New-Dimension is started, it runs automatically, cannot be tampered with, cannot be shut down, nor is it attacked by hackers, and it will develop forever.

Based on the underlying ecological logic of VDS, New-Dimension has combined VDS’s unique resonance transaction, trust seal network, competition system, network-wide information broadcasting (VAD), secret chat, anonymous transaction, smart contract, distributed field at the beginning of research and development. The application of related technologies such as foreign transactions, super master nodes, and lottery has completed the self-construction of DAO. These technical applications complement the DAO, circulating, balancing and forming New-Dimension’s strong initial internal structure.

At the same time, in terms of ecological incentives, New-Dimension has also been upgraded and transformed. It not only has a complete ecological liquidity aggregation cycle system, but also tries to create an open-circulating DAO-incentivized value closed-loop economy based on the underlying logic of VDS. the economy and allow value to be created, flowed, transferred and transformed within and outside the economy. The specific rules are as follows:

A. Liquidity Pool Pledge Mining Rules

1. Pool currency: Vollar/BTC/ETH/BNB/FIL/ADA/SOL/G0GE, etc.

2. Pledge method: reservation pledge or manual pledge

3. Compound interest cycle: You can choose the number of compound interest cycles

B. Details of liquidity pool pledge income

1. Pledge income 3%


100 Vollar pledges in each period are 103 Vollars if the pledge is successfully released

10,000 Vollars are successfully pledged in each period, and 10,300 Vollars are released

2. Share income 1.2% (staking flow)

Share 1 valid address directly and get 1C~0.1%

Share 2 valid addresses directly to get 2C~0.1%

And so on, up to 12C, directly share 12 valid addresses to get 12C~0.1%

Note: The valid address standard is reservation + pledge ≧ 200 USD equivalent currency

3. Community income 1.2% (gradient difference, pledge flow)


Conditions: The cumulative value of community pledged currency is ≥ 50,000 U, and the total amount of the community is ≥ 5,000 U


Condition: Community pledged currency value ≥ 100,000 U, community ≥ 10,000 U


Condition: Community pledged currency value ≥ 200,000 U, community ≥ 20,000 U


Condition: Community pledged currency value ≥ 400,000 U, community ≥ 40,000 U


Condition: Community pledged currency value ≥ 800,000 U, community ≥ 80,000 U


Condition: Community pledged currency value ≥ 1.6 million U, community ≥ 160,000 U


Condition: Community pledged currency value ≥ 3.2 million U, community ≥ 320,000 U


Conditions: The cumulative value of community pledged currency is ≥ 6.4 million U, and the community is ≥ 640,000 U


Condition: Community pledged currency value ≥ 12.8 million U, community ≥ 1.28 million U


Conditions: The cumulative value of community pledged currency is ≥ 25.6 million U, and the community is ≥ 2.56 million U


Condition: Community pledged currency value ≥ 51.2 million U, community ≥ 5.12 million U


Conditions: The cumulative value of community pledged currency is ≥ 99.99 million U, and the community is ≥ 9.99 million U

Note: V1~V3 must share 6 valid addresses; V4~V6 must share 9 valid addresses; V7~V12 must share 12 valid addresses

C. Liquidity Pool Pledge Stop Loss Rules

1. When the pledge countdown ends and the pledge of the liquidity pool is not full, the stop-loss liquidation will be started. If the pledge is unsuccessful, the last 100% return to the original way, and the pledge is still in progress. The remaining 90% of the coins are returned the same way.

2. Players who stop loss will get the priority pledge right of other liquidity pools.

3. Players who stop loss will get NFT with different computing power (Hashpower mining Vollar coins)

With a professional R&D team, rigorous underlying logic and a perfect ecological incentive model, every feature of New-Dimension indicates that it will start anew as VDS 2.0, leading the believers of VDS ecology to return to the peak moment. Of course, the current New-Dimension has not yet been officially launched. Under the high expectations, whether it can truly make up for the shortcomings of VDS and meet the expectations of VDS loyalists will be finally announced after the official public beta of New-Dimension. Let us wait and see. Bar!


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